Meera To Give Up Pakistan For India


When it comes to Meera, Hot buzz has always surrounded her. Now it seems as if Meera is following the foot steps of  Veena Malik in the formation of controversies. The latest controversy on her list is that the Lollywood actress has decided not to return to Pakistan and she would prefer to stay in India. Meera has blamed the injustice behaviour of both the Govt and the film makers for her decision. meera According to Meera, the directors have given the importance to the actresses of no worth. She said that she has came to India in a protest against such behaviour. She further added that the Govt officials after disturbing her life are now harassing her family. Meera narrated that she don’t want to live in such country where she is sometimes termed as Vulgar and Tax evader.

Its merit mentioning here that Meera has previously made such claims too, when her movie “Nazar” was released back in 2005. She came in for strong criticism from the Pakistani establishment and politicians for her role in the movie produced by Mahesh Bhatt. Meera recently announced that she will remake hit bollywood film Pakeezah and will portray the role of legendary Meena Kumari in the film. But the filmmaker Tajdar Amrohi then denied her claim and said,”I haven’t sold the rights of Pakeezah. Maybe I’d commit such a blunder if I go insane.”

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