Ali Zafar’s Visa Request Wasn’t Turned Down, Says Publicist


Ali Zafar, the most promising actor cum singer pakistan has ever produced – lies among the list of those who by all means not at all resistible in the talented music industry of the both pakistan and its neighbouring country. Sadly when Ali couldn’t attend a promotional event for his upcoming film Chashme Baddoor, it was reported that the star’s visa had been turned down.

An insider from the production team informed the Indian daily that Zafar was denied the visa for unknown reasons, saying “He was supposed to join the team but couldn’t as his India work visa had been turned down.” However, his publicist, Ammara Hikmat, denied the rumours and said Zafar will be heading to India soon.

“This is completely incorrect — he never applied for a visa,” Hikmat told a news source. “He’s been busy in the UK promoting his film Aman Ki Asha this entire month; he also attended a press conference for Chashme Baddoor there”.”[Earlier] because of LOC issues, it was said that Pakistani artists were thrown out of India — this is not true either. I’ve been to India at least four times in these past five months and I’ve been treated pretty well,” said Ammara.

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