Entity Paradigm(eP) and Xulfi Reunited once again!!!


EP Reunited in Pepsi Battle of the Bands

The band eP has reunited and disappeared multiple times but this time its going to be a BIG Reunion as their former lead guitarist & most talented musician and producer Xulfi has also joined the band after a decade. And together they will be performing on the biggest stage & platform of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

EP Reunited with Xulfi

The Runner up band of 2002 Battle of the Bands will be putting the stage on fire once again & if we have to believe our sources, they managed to pull off a smashing performance together. (just recall Jilawatan)

Unfortunately, this would again be a one off performance as Xulfi would go back to his band Call and Fawad, even though planning to do more music, shall get back to his acting and film career.

Lets hope and wish that they remain united and produce more music like “Irtiqa”.

The song performance will be uploaded shortly here:

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