All You Need To Know About The 7UP Foodies Festival Lahore


It’s not just us but everyone’s been talking about the 7up Foodies Festival taking over Lahore this April. The festival was earlier postponed but has come back bigger and better than before. We know we were equally surprised to know they had room to make it grander.

7up Food Festival Lahore

The 7up Foodies Festival will be happening on 5th, 6th and 7th April at Etihad Town on main Raiwind Road, Lahore. Team 7up has increased the magnanimity of the event to a space covering approximately 350 kanals. That’s a huge space for an insane variety of activities! To begin with the festival will obviously have food but they’ve increased eateries to almost 120+ eateries featuring some that are exclusively available only and only for the 7up Foodies Festival. Which means, if you miss out the festival then you’ll probably have a super slim chance to try that food again.

You might think it’s a food festival and thus there will on be food but this foodies’ festival is one of its kind. It’s got music and other activities too! The music line up was already brilliant but they somehow made it bigger. Don’t believe us?!

Here’s the insanely superb musician lineup for the 7up Foodies Festival: Atif Aslam, Sajjad Ali, Josh, Jal, Falak, Meekal Hassan, Kashmir, Xarb, Bayaan and many more!! How cool. Right?! Imagine bumping into them and being able to take selfies with these legends. It gets better though, there will also be state of the art fireworks that are rare for Lahore or Pakistan for that matter. Are you also thinking of amazing Instagram boomerangs and pictures?! So, get set, get your entire family and friends together…yes, it’s family friendly. There are activities for children as well! Not just grown-ups. You definitely do have activities for grownups and children together but you will still have an option to let the children play and enjoy together. Lots of 7up, fantastic music, fun filled activities and yummy food…life is definitely complete!

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