Best Leather Bags Brands in Pakistan


Pakistan is one of the known producers of leather. Many saddle makers were making top-quality saddles pre-partition, a skill that led to the making of other products. Over time leather from Pakistan hs been exported, as are finished leather products. The leather is generally of good quality. 

Given we are producing such quantities of the raw product many brands produce various products, from leather jackets to key chains. Among the many products that are commonly produced, is various iterations of a bag. A regularly used item which is why many different sizes and designs are available, it is seen as an accessory to fashion aside from the functional use. In Pakistan, the known brands that make bags include:

1. One Hundred Ten

A family-owned enterprise that started in 1992. Initially, they were exporting, in 2013 they opened up to the local market as well. With a variation in their bag collection, catering to men and women. The styles are somewhat tailored along trendy designs that one can see from other international brands too. Some designs are their own, allowing for local originality.

2. Traditions

Originating from Islamabad, Traditions started from a store in Jinnah Super Market. Setup in 1988 it is one of the most well-known leather products brands there is. Their burgundy range is probably the most sold colour, it is a very beautiful tone. Traditions have a very large range of bags; they also make bags for men and women.

3. Bear Necessities

A brand that started with the idea that they need to develop durable products that can be passed down generations, especially since so much of what we use is disposable. Their design look is also more rustic, with simpler shapes that are similar to the old-school satchels. Bear Necessities also mixes in some canvas with some of their bags.

4. HUB

One of the brands that has been around a long time, HUB has many different products. Their bag range includes ladies handbags and office bags for men. As for their design, it is mostly a classic feel. But HUB has also expanded into more modern looks to cater to the younger generations. This is one of the brands that has the most options for handbags.

5. Jafferjees

Another leather goods brand that has been around for a long time, originating in the era of the British Raj. Jafferjees bags are probably considered as the most well-known leather bags in Pakistan. They have more variety, with a massive collection that has bags for men and women both. With options for casual looking bags, office bags and also, bags for travel.

There are so many options to choose from, it helps with picking something that one personally likes. Overall the quality of all these brands is good. The leather quality varies in the sense that the leather varies in textures and thickness. Also between these brands, there is a difference in prices which helps one keep within a budget too. The prices vary depending on the size and design too.

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