Hadiqa Kiani’s song ‘Daachi Waalia’ cements her standing as a living legend


Whenever one talks about female Pakistani singers, one name instantly pops up. That is of, our very own nationally and internationally recognized pop singer, ‘Hadiqa Kiani’. She is one of the very few female singers that we have, who’s not only versatile but also knows how to mesmerize her fans by singing in multiple languages!

This melody queen has been giving hits after hits for many years. Boohey barian, Hona tha pyar, Ik pal, Chaap tilak, Kamli, Yaad sajan, Janaan, Ranjan and Dil janiya are a few to name, from her amazing tracks!

Hadiqa has been inclined towards music from a very tender age. She hasn’t just ranked top on national platforms, but this fabulous Pakistani artist has represented the country over numerous international stages. She’s not merely a singer but a philanthropist too!

Hadiqa has given a strong comeback to our music industry this year. With her latest folk song track at one of Pakistan’s leading musical platform ‘Coke Studio’. Her song ‘Daachi Waleya’ has literally left the audiences of ‘Coke Studio Season 12’ in awe!

The beautiful lyrics of ‘Daachi Waaliya’ marvelous voice tone of Hadiqa Kiani and the overall mood of the set, together resulted in a phenomenal production! The super-talented artist has definitely put forward a track that will leave its mark forever!

While sharing her experience about this song, Hadiqa shared a couple of thoughts with the spectators. “To sing Sufiana Kalaam it is essential to connect with the words, it is important to understand the literal meaning, that is when the impact will last longer”, says the musician Hadiqa Kiani on her journey of self-exploration at the Coke Studio.

Further, she said,

“ This is something I always wanted to do, I don’t know where I am further headed, but this path has so much to offer, at this moment I have barely scratched the surface!”

Without a single doubt, Hadiqa has effortlessly turned a classic folk tune into a contemplative piece. She has done beautiful justice with the phrases by Bulleh Shah and kept the Punjabi Rhythm alive in this track. That is the reason one can’t get enough of this melodious track!

Not just this, the artist has been receiving immense praise over social media as well. Hadiqa Kiani’s song ‘Daachi Waalia’ cements her standing as a living legend. We’ve seen her doing wonders with music, and her transformation from pop to rock to Sufi is simply MAJESTIC!

Hadiqa Kiani once again paves her way into our hearts with a mesmerizing track  ‘Daachi Waaliya’ at Coke Studio Season 12. So, yet again, the exceptionally talented folk/pop Pakistani singer stuns the fans and spectators with a fabulous comeback. She has once again, beautifully proved how important she is to our industry and we all are definitely excited to hear more from this gem of an artist!

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