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PAKIUM now gives chance to the brands, artists and businesses to advertise their products to online targeted audience of Pakistan. We have around 700,000+ unique visitors on our site each month which generates over 1.8 Million page views/month. The most of the web-traffic around 80% comes from Pakistan, the majority of which 68% lies in between the age group of 18-24.

Due to its highly targeted “Pakistani” and “young” audience, it becomes an effective place for advertisers to promote their local businesses, products and campaigns.

Our targeted audience includes musicians, want-to-be musicians, media persons, producers/directors, news and magazine editors, RJ/VJs and our community and support group who visit the site regularly to support the Pakistani Entertainment industry.

Here are some quick stats of our blog:



– 950,000+ Visits per month

– 700,000+ Unique Visitors per month

– 1,800,000+ Page views served each month;

1,300,000+ Fans on Facebook

5000+ Followers on Twitter

120,000+ Followers on Instagram

– 800+ Email Subscribers


Ad Spaces Available

Advertisement Slots available on

Ad slot # 1 : Leaderboard – 728 x 90

– Visibility : Site-wide , rich media enabled

Ad Slot # 2 : Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250

– Visibility : Site-wide , rich media enabled, Video embeddable

Ad slot # 3 : Custom Ad size – 300 x 100

– Visibility : site-wide, static banner

Ad slot # 4 : Background Branding – 1280 x 800

– Visibility : site-wide or just homepage, static and huge vertical banner on both sides of blog


Brands which have advertised with us:


Premium Videos:

Other than selling ad spaces on site, We also offer the musicians and media persons to Stick their “videos” on the sidebar of our website. The embedded videos under the “Premium Videos” section are seen by all the visitors on site no matter what pages they are viewing. Currently, we are serving over 1,800,000 pageviews a month.


For further customized creative ads or advertising details, please contact via below given details.

Payment Mode:

We accept Paypal ( for international payments), Online bank transfer( for local clients) and Cheque (for media buying houses only) for payments of advertising.

For further details, tariff plan or to confirm your order, please email on: advertise [at] pakium (dot) com

or Call: +92 312-382-9097 for the instant support.