Welcome to our about us page , we thank you for visiting our website and clicking on “about us” page to know more about our growing team that has been covering Pakistani Music and Media Industry over cyber space since 2006.

PakiUM is a collaboration of Pakistani Music geeks who give importance to their own music, art , talent and culture and want to only promote that in the world. For detailed information please read more About PakiUM

PakiUM dot com is the joint effort of young and passionate Pakistanis who contribute to Pakium their time, dedication and skills. If you are curious to know more about the team behind, its operations and contribution towards the site’s goals please check out our About PakiUM Team page

The site also publishes the written pieces in the form of Articles, Reviews and Features as submitted by the authors. PakiUM has had huge support from various authors who contributed to the site over the period of time.

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We also cover the musical events, concerts and Gigs around the country and even worldwide. We can’t reach everywhere with our team so we appoint or motivate the enthusiast photographers to cover event for us. This way we get the coverage and the photographer takes the credit of covering and publishing his/her pictures to thousands of our readers.There are plenty of photographers with whom permission we have published their photos. Apart from this we also have some dedicated team members who regularly cover events for Pakium.

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