Mountain Dew presents SOLIS 2019, Pakistan’s Biggest EDM Festival Ever

Mountain Dew encourages ‘dewdz’ to live their passion and now they can turn up with some great beats!
Mountain Dew encourages ‘dewdz’ to live their passion and now they can turn up with some great beats!

Mountain Dew presents SOLIS 2019, a place where you can live your passion to the highest extreme! An exciting EDM festival with headliners from all over the world. Internationally recognised musicians flew in to perform. Artists such as Clean Bandit, FDVM, Kill The Buzz, OceansVSOrientals, Turhan James and many more. The heart-pumping event had us roaring with the crowd. With a fantastic vibe, the audience was excited and fueled with joy. This time the event was held in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. With a practically “Sold Out” show, it seemed like the whole city was there to catch the DJs perform live!

Held at Moin Khan academy on 16th November 2019, the event promoted expressive ways to celebrate the love of EDM music by reminding us the importance of rejoicing and enjoying special moments in our lives. Festivals like this keep us connected to our passion for EDM music, creative expression and an opportunity to build a community with like minded people who follow their passion. While creating the best memories, the highly anticipated music festival provided the audience with the highest quality sounds. With headliners such as Clean Bandit, a British electronic group, well known for their hits ‘Rather Be’ and ‘Symphony’ performed in Pakistan for the first time. 

We hardly get to see international artists perform in Pakistan and many young people in the country don’t have the opportunity to travel foreign lands to witness such high powered concerts therefore, Mountain Dew has brought us Solis 2019! With various acts from around the world, giving us a chance to witness the passion filled world of EDM. The exposure of sound, expands the knowledge of music for the audience and local EDM musicians to get exposure as well. Musicians such from within the nation performed as well.

What an incredible way for Pakistan to highlight itself as a country which welcomes foreign talents. Reflecting how we are open to having foreign artists sharing their passions with us. Furthermore, it projects a positive image of our country as being receptive to international exposure.

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