Sibtain Khalid- Nai Jeena


In these testing times, when there’s chaos at every turn and the whole world is at a stand still, there is nothing but hope that harbors the hearts of the people. In this time, artists have come together to try and spread some positivity, to put good content out in the world in an attempt to provide solace to the ones in distress.

One such artist that has entered the field of music and made his way into the hearts of a thousand people in just a matter of a few days is; Sibtain Khalid.

Sibtain came out with his first track back in 2015 by the name of ‘Sajna’. It got covered by the talented Yashal Shahid who at the time was being mentored by none other than the music maestro himself; Ali Zafar. The song went on to gain immense popularity and became a huge hit!

With his second song out now, ‘Nai Jeena’, Sibtain has proved himself to be one of the best musicians that this country has ever produced. At such an early stage in his career, he has managed to take out two songs and both of which made it to the top of the charts!

While writing Nai Jeena I have tried to express a pure form of love! ’

Nai Jeena went on to gain over 125k views in just 4 days and has been put in YouTube’s top trending videos!

The video itself is an ode to the old charm of inner city houses and the beautiful mosque present in the heart of it. The shots taken are woven intricately in a harmony of expressions and emotions that need no words. The song does full justice to the love story captured between the leading lady, Sabeeka Imam and Sibtain Khalid himself.

The song talks prayers made and fulfilled. It’s a true amalgamation of the old and modern love story. It depicts the respect, shyness and unwavering patience found in stories before us, where as keeping the modern touch of confidence and resilience found in todays times.

Sibtain took a long hiatus after Sajna, but now the singer confirms that he is back to practicing music and very soon we will be hearing another one of his compositions!

After the success of Sajna and now Nai Jeena, we honestly can’t wait to see what Sibtain has in store for us! Already reserving a spot on our list of top favorite songs!

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