RDB Sahara is Fake


 - L-R Kuly, Manj, Surj

RDB, the true pioneers of international Urban Bhangra music both in the UK and in the Asian Subcontinent, have often seen their musical stylings imitated in the highest form of praise. But things have now taken a sinister turn when it emerged recently that an impostor group known as ‘Sahara’ is posing as the acclaimed kings of Bhangra, and had gone as far as accepting bookings to play numerous college concerts in the guise of RDB

Numerous allegations have emerged over the past year that Sahara, thought to also be from the UK and helmed by lead singer Harvinderpal Singh Kasbia, have often posed as RDB in order to perform at concerts in Pakistan. Sahara’s false bookings are thought to be the unscrupulous work of promoter Hassan Malik, who, it is alleged, has directly liaised to book Sahara as a ‘cheaper version of RDB’, but has retained all of RDB’s branding and advertising, thus giving the impression that RDB will be performing at these concerts.

Surj and Manj from RDB have spoken of their shock, with Surj saying: “RDB are deeply saddened and shocked to hear that an impostor group is posing as us [RDB] in Pakistan.”

“Although Sahara group is posing as RDB, the allegation that Harvinder Singh Kasbia knows about the false representation is unclear. Whether he is turning a blind eye to the wrong doings of Hassan Malik or if he is aware of Malik’s actions is not clear.”

“For all our many loyal fans in Pakistan, this is a complete breach of their trust and loyalty, as they believe that it will be the real RDB performing. We want to assure all our fans not to worry, and that RDB is investigating these claims, and will take serious action if the claims are proved to be true.”

RDB’s three brothers, Surj, Manj and Kully, from Bradford in the UK have blazed a trail in Urban-fusion Bhangra music since they emerged on the scene over a decade ago, and have set the stage for others to follow. RDB have not only pioneered their unique form of Punjabi infused Dance and R‘n’B hit songs, they have also led the way as hit-making producers to develop other artists’ talent.

RDB has been responsible for some of the biggest international and Bollywood hits, and have been pivotal in both performing and producing for several Bollywood A list films, including Akshay Kumar starrer Speedy Singhs, for which they created the lyrics, music and production arrangement, together with Grammy Award winner Ludacris, for “Shera Di Kaum”. Their other leading collaborations include tracks with music heavyweights Snoop Dogg, Elephant Man and Public Enemy. Other Bollywood hits include Singh is Kinng, Kambakkht Ishq, and chart-buster Aloo Chaat.

Often imitated in musical style and image by several ‘wannabes’, RDB remain the Asian music world’s true originators of Bhangra, both in the UK and internationally, with a worldwide fan base

With their eagerly awaited new album Worldwide, a pure feel-good collection of dance and Bhangra hits, about to release and a series of sold-out concerts in Pakistan, RDB are set to seal their position at the very top of the musical summit.

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