“Nation Awakes” Earns The Title Of Pakistan’s First Superhero Movie


Pakistani films are usually related with dumb action, fake stories(far from every days life) and lethargic star cast, But during a past couple of years, some small budgeted films have dominated the veteran film industry. The revival of Lollywood has become a difficult task over the years, due to the shortage of talented actors and lack of latest technology, But now another type of film-titled as “Nation Awakes” creating a hype in Lollywood- which is expected to garner high viewership of general public, and is termed as Pakistan‘s first superhero feature film.

Nation Awakes

The film is under production with a big budget of Rs200 to Rs250 million. Aamir Sajjad, the producer of the film said,”The basic concept of the film is that it is not a normal superhero movie — we are trying to take a different route by exploring Pakistan’s current scenario. A superhero in that context [of Pakistan] will be one who aims to preserve humanity on a global level.” Aamir is also playing the role of a lead super hero in the film.

“We have constructed the story so that it focuses on the life of a superhero from the time he is with his foster parents; we won’t go into the details of where he comes from or his background. Since the comic culture is so limited here in Pakistan, we figured it would be more logical to make a film first as compared to a graphic novel,” says Sajjad.

The film is still in its initial stages and 80% of its scripting is complete and the film’s casting is scheduled to begin in April which will then be followed by a small teaser release in June.

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