Meera’s House Sealed For Non Payment of Tax


When it comes to Meera, Hot Buzz has always surrounded her, no matter where she is. Her todays news is like, her house in Defence Housing Society Lahore has been sealed by Excise department. The house is sealed Due to the non payment of Income tax. This act is quite common in Pakistani celebrities s well as politicians, as according to a news source 74 % of our elected parliamentarians have failed to pay their taxes.

Meera's House Sealed For Non Payment of Tax

According to officials, the house was sealed after the actress defaulted in paying almost Rs. 2,27,000 in terms of income tax. They also said that the seal would be opened after the payment of income tax.

When Meera was asked for her comment on this matter, her mother answered the question and said,”Meera doesn’t know about property and income taxes, all these matters are handled by me and we have payed all the arrears before the due date.” Proving the tax department wrong instead of taking their responsibility.

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