Khiladi 786 Ads Banned in Pakistan


The censor board of Pakistan seems quite active these days. With numerous bans of the films such as Agent Vinod and Ek Tha Tiger, the production companies in Bollywood better think twice if they plan to utilize their films snub, the very country that is filled with their fans – Pakistan. Recently, the censor board of Pakistan has banned the ads of Ashish R Mohan’s upcoming film ‘Khiladi 786’ which stars Akshay Kumar and Asin Thottumkal.

Fearing that the number 786 might be offensive to some Muslims, the censor board made the wise move and removed the banners from the streets as Raja Mustafa Haider, chairman of the censor board states, “The appearance of banners for the film in Rawalpindi and other areas was brought to my notice and I asked the City District Government Rawalpindi to remove all of them.”

However, the board has allowed the film’s ad distribution if the number 786 is not used. The film will hit the road on the 7th of December but its fate in Pakistan is still critical as the chairman revealed, “We will decide it when the movie comes to us, before screening in the cinema houses.” Whatever the decision will be in the future, the censor board of Pakistan certainly deserves recognition and applause for doing a job well done.

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