Atiqa Odho’s Liquor Case Hearing Adjourned Till February 4


Atiqa Odho was caught at the Islamabad airport on June 4, 2011 while possessing two bottles of imported liquor in her luggage. She said that she had been taking champagnes before but has never been stopped. However, that day she got through the Pakistani customs due to pulling of some strings at the back.

Later, the Supreme Court of Pakistan took suo moto action against her conduct and declared it as illegal. Now her new hearing for the wine recovery case has been adjourned till February 4. She appeared before Judicial Magistrate Rawalpindi Humayun Pervez. Due to Islamabad Bar Association election, lawyers could not argue in the case according to the prosecutors. For this reason the hearing time has been extended. The court has also asked to present four witnesses in the case when the next hearing comes around.

It is immature and foolish for such a renowned actress like Atiqa to have done such an illegal act and then to claim that she was not in the wrong in the first place. This does not show well on Pakistani culture especially when such highlight is brought to these incidents by court hearings and media coverage. The new comers should learn a lesson of being responsible Pakistani artists to which not only their fame but identity is also attached.

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