Aag Band – Kafla (Metal Track) [Download Mp3]


“Kafla” track By AAG Band, is basically a commentary on current failed state of Pakistani People. The band invites you to think about the “KAFLA”  – our grand ancestors – who migrated from India and then settled down in a new borne state but what happened after, we LOST OUR DEDICATED LEADERS and ultimately we LOST OUR DIRECTION. Since then we have been off-tracked and doesn’t even think to change our condition.

We have been betrayed, we have been mis-guided , we have been enslaved by some people, some rulers & some Feudals . When would we be able to change our fates ?  Where have we lost ?  When would we WAKE-UP ?

Think again, ITS A HIGH TIME !

Listen the track, Try to Understand and then Spread & share it with your friends.

Download Audio : AAG’s Second Music Release “Kafla”


Dil mein ek toufaan hay,

Sar pe hay junoon charha,

Behisi ki rah pe, sochta hoon yay khara,

Teri meri zaat mein,

Kiss nay hay yay gham bhara?

Tere ghar ki pyas ko, Tera Lahu hi kam pardha,

Iss pal ko tham lo, jis pal mein hum jalein, iss jalti aag mein..


Lekr chale thay jo Kafla,

Manzil se hi kyun woh ghafil raha?

Socha kabhi tu ne kya kho diya?

Kitnay chaltay aye thay hum, kitnay reh gaye kum…

Inn logon ki hum kyun sunein?

Jo Munn ki hay, kyun na karein?

Kab tak yay zeher hum piyein?

Jalein..Iss jalti aag mein..



Zinda hain woh loag abhi,


Khoon se jinke likhi,

Iss Zameen ki daastaan,


Bolo! Kho gaye hum tum kahan?


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