“Mera Pakistan” sways music fanatics and stimulates right dose of patriotism (Song Review)


Strepsils Stereo Mera Pakistan

A medley of voices rises and awakens just the right feels with it in Mera Pakistan. Ali Noor and his crew deliver a memorable performance – one that makes you feel proud, zealous, and empowered all at once. It is clear that Strepsils Stereo has not only given birth to Acapella in Pakistan, but it has also nailed every aspect of it with this song.

Despite being made without the use of any instruments, Mera Pakistan manages to pull the strings of your heart. A reminder that beautiful voices combined need nothing else to create magic. Ali Noor and BIY music feature our favorite artists in this one. Rachel Vicajji, Zoe Vicajji, Sara Haider and Ahsan Pervaiz come together with the lead singer in Mera Pakistan to bless your ears with bliss.

Perfectly capturing each and every note, our singers give a performance that drips originality. For a second there, the lyrics chosen for the song bring to mind our country’s struggles, leaving you teary-eyed. At the same moment, the song is a reminder of the undying love and dedication that the country’s citizens hold for it. Each lyric is a reflection of the voices of Pakistani masses at once.

Distinguishable yet unified, voices of various artists come together in just the right proportions. Your ears are visited by sound effects that will make you smile. The lyrics are heart-touching, but you wouldn’t be able to keep your head from bobbing. Season 2 of Strepsils Stereo definitely doesn’t miss the mark. If anything, it hits at the right spot.

Like season 1 of the musical platform, season 2 has also launched with a bang. Dropping at a time when it was necessary to fuel patriotism, Mera Pakistan brings us all together under the roof of celebration. The first season gave us great hits in the form of Khayal Rakhna, Rang De, and Dil Jo Chahe. And, season 2 seems to be maintaining those high standards.

A blend of soft, crisp, and warm voices gives the song a feel like never experienced before. If we had to define this song in just one word we’d call it brilliant. It wouldn’t come off as a surprise if Mera Pakistan becomes the song that is on everyone’s lips. Not only for this year but for several to come.

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