Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junnon – A Campaign Designed To Reignite the Spirit Of Patriotism


Sooper Ka Junoon

The 14th of August has always held a special place in history as it represents the culmination of the long-standing efforts of Muhammad Ali Jinnah to create a separate homeland for India’s downtrodden and persecuted communities. Hence, this year, like all other years, the air was yet again brimming with the spirit of independence as people set about displaying their love for their country in a variety of ways.

For Peek Freans Sooper, however, the 14th of August had in fact provided them with an opportunity to celebrate Pakistan’s 71st year of independence a bit differently. In keeping with our continued quest for khudi, Peek Freans Sooper has enabled the comeback of one of the biggest rock bands our country has ever had to produce; Junoon, that too with their new version of “Khudi”.

A leading biscuit brand, Sooper has always gone above and beyond its responsibility towards the public by coming up with new ideas and ventures that never fail to instill passion within Pakistanis. By taking on its biggest challenge to date, Sooper has managed to galvanize the entire nation under the banner of patriotism that Junoon has always stood by throughout its tenure as Pakistan’s biggest Sufi rock band.

There is absolutely no doubt that Junoon has played a vital role in the lives of every Pakistani. Their music has paved a way straight into our hearts and made us sit up and listen as they crooned about the need to be heard, to realize their potential and make a difference. However, fate had other plans as soon the band parted ways, that too on a note that left little to no possibilities of them ever coming back. Thanks to Peek Freans Sooper, however, all three band members Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian O’Connell have joined hands once again for the “Sooper Hai Pakistan ka Junoon” campaign in an attempt to recreate the magic that first made them a household name.

Needless to say, news of the band’s reunion broke the internet as fans and admirers rejoiced in unison. Thousands of reactions were recorded on social media following the announcement, hence proving that Junoon continues to remain significant in Pakistan’s musical history, simply because of the patriotism and spirit of nationalism that was always evident within their music.

The way that Peek Freans Sooper executed the campaign was nothing short of fantastic. We can’t wait to see what Sooper does next!

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