Veena Malik’s Astaghfaar

Veena Malik new ramadhan special show Astaghfaar
Thumbnail extracted from YouTube Video Promo

Veena Malik’s Astaghfaar?

If you got the impression with headline that Veena Malik is now finally tired of her publicity stunts and from now on she will be walking on the right path, YOU GOT IT COMPLETELY WRONG.

Veena Malik, who became a viral sensation when she dared to argue with a mufti, is now gearing towards to be the one. Malik – who has done several bold bikini shoots, has been featured in item numbers songs, and also playing a lead character in movies like SuperModel and the dirty picture sequel – has no plan to stop!

This time Veena Malik has come up with something that would surprise many. Veena Malik now plans to do a Ramadhan special show “Astagfaar” on a local channel Hero TV. The just released promo of Astagfaar starts with a warning

“Beware, its time to seek forgiveness for your sins”

and then comes Veena with a dupatta-covered head and tear in her eyes (oh actually the tear was in just one eye, which means it was not more than a crocodile tear)

Veena Malik introduces herself and the show with, “I am Veena Malik, and I will be doing with YOU the whole month of Ramadhan, the Astaghfaar of mine and yours’ sins…. only on Hero TV”

Now one jumps over his seat after hearing this from an actress that has been involved in so much controversies. Watch out the promo yourself and get shocked by her new stunt!


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