Veena Malik painted her body in London for a special painting


Veena Malik at London3[Mumbai – PR] First Time ever Bollywood actress Veena Malik shows her love interest in art and she has gone to London to collaborate with Finland’s best known visual artist Vesa Kivinen.

The beautiful actress has allowed her body to be used as a canvas for an artistic collaboration between herself and the Finland artist Kivinen. The Artist has created 5 unique pieces wherein a rich palette of colours painted directly onto the Veena Malik body which created symbolic landscapes where the resulting forms and textures are a clear departure from both the organic lines and the envisioned sketch. It is this dialogue between three dimensional physiology and gesture coupled with the aesthetics of two dimensional painting that coalesce into a singular object of art. The content explores themes from ancient & religious traditions to our contemporary global melting pot with its ever evolving and emerging cross cultural associations.

Veena Said, “I feel very glad that Finland’s well known visual artist Vesa Kivinen had called me to work with him. I am here just for the love of art.” 

Veena Malika and Artist Vesa Kivinen came up with his new approach and concept. Now a day’s Veena Malik is in London for a very special art exhibition to show her painting where three of the six works will be displayed in London. Veena Malik will be seen rubbing shoulder with Hollywood star Jeremy Williams in her forthcoming movie “The City That Never Sleeps” which is produced by Satish Reddy.

Find out Veena Malik and her love for arts & paints and…. you get the point! 😀

Veena-Malik-Paint-Art-London (4) Veena-Malik-Paint-Art-London (3) Veena-Malik-Paint-Art-London (2) Veena-Malik-Paint-Art-London (1) Veena Malik at London5 Veena Malik at London3 Veena Malik at London2 Veena Malik at London

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