Pakistani Morning TV Shows: What Culture do they represent?


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Pakistani Morning TV Shows: What Culture do they represent?

By Sehrish Saqib

Hey there. I am back (not with a bang of-course). Now that I am married and have a kid to look after, I hardly get time to write. A full year of absence and no writing!!! I could actually write so much about all the media happeneings but I just didn’t get time.

OK! OK! OK! no more blabbering about why I didn’t write. Lets all come to the real issue which is pinching me this time and only sharing with you guys can soothe me. Like all simple, sweet, tension-lainay-wali-khushian-dainay-wali and most of all free-free-free house wives, I also switch from one channel to another ONLY to check out clothes. But these days I am  a little (ok! so very much) disappointed in all the morning shows.

Pakistani Morning TV shows

Wait! before you read any further , let me mention that it is not some from-a fakingly-emotional-patriot article.

Yesterday, I got a call from my brother’s wife who is born and raised in america ( she is a Pakistani). As she is an acting house wife because of her child and a pregnancy, she also watches TV, she commented ” yar tum Pakistani extra stupid ho….. itna complaint kyun kertay ho kay flood aya hai. target killing hai, Government bad hai. your women dress up so lavishly in the morning and you have awesome weddings… mine was so boring…. I watched this wedding of ‘shakir bhai’ on that channel and OMG it was a dream wedding…. and then all those merry shows… kuch problem nahe hai wahan.”

I think I need not to mention how much embarrassed I was. Only two channels actually took part in the fund raising activities and gave their broadcasting space to such shows. I am sorry but most of the morning shows are run by soul-less morons. Seriously!

Its so distressing to see all these aqal-say-paidal, itna-ziada-fazool-bolnay-wali women wearing bling bling clothes, dancing and jumping for some, God knows what, reason. When we want to entertain ourselves by such things, we come up with an excuse and that is : ” yaar agay hi itni tension hai, her time ro toh nahe saktay”. People like me don’t even ask for this. All I need is a little feel that we all are together in this time where half of the country is fighting with flood and targeting killing and the rest is combating dangue.

Take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and take a look at what is being broadcasted. If any one from the media people read this, please understand that our media holds a very serious responsibility and yes! you will be answerable. Please dont make us insensitive Pakistanis. Trust me, whatever you telecast affects our mentality. We all know that its all mind games. Please let us be the nation we used to be back in 2005 and before.

Dear readers, by writing this article I didnt mean to offend anybody. it was just an opinion from an independent citizen of an independent country. If you don’t agree with me, its one right you are born with i.e. not agreeing. Remember, if you think there is no point, it  doesn’t mean there really isn’t any.

Happy Reading!

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