Nadia Khan to host morning T.V show on Dunya News now


Nadia Khan Pakistani TV Morning Show Host & PresenterThe famous Pakistani actress, presenter and morning show host Nadia Khan will soon be seen on Dunya News, hosting a brand new morning show the name of which is not yet revealed.

Nadia Khan, who earned huge respect from her Nadia Khan Show on GEO TV, faced a ban last year on his show, while she brought some personal issues of Filmstar Noor and her husband on the screen. Noor’s husband Vikram then took the matter in court and indeed as per law, Dubai Govt. imposed ban on Nadia Khan show. (The details about the controversial issue can be found here in this post by Sehrish Raja: Guilty Pleasure – I watch Nadia Khan Show).

Now, after over a years period she is planning to make a comeback and claim back her position on the morning show world. This time, however the media group won’t really be same as it(Geo TV) also has a morning TV show host – Shaista Wahidi – who replaced Nadia Khan.The news buzzing all over is that Nadia Khan has signed a contract with Dunya News network and soon she will be hosting a brand new morning TV show (Dunya has no morning t.v show right now). Nadia Khan Show which used to be recorded and broadcasted from Dubai, will now be recorded from Lahore, Pakistan.

Rumors also have that Nadia Khan will be entitled to a whopping salary of PKR 3M ( thirty hundred thousand rupees) which will make her highly paid TV morning show host in Pakistan television industry.

Here are some splashes of the Nadia Khan Show on Dunya News Network..

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