Veena Malik will take legal action against FHM India over morphed picture


Veena Malik’s naked photoshoot story has been developing rapidly, and just a few minutes ago an online publication Outlook India reported as Veena saying, “I have not posed naked for the magazine”. On the other hand, the editor of FHM magazine claims that he has with him the email and video of the photoshoot to prove the authenticity of the photoshoot.

Veena Malik, who is in India these days, told Press Trust of India that the picture has been morphed and its definitely not her. “I have never posed nude. I have never done anything like that ever. My manager and legal team is looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them.”

Veena against FHM India

Kabeer Sharma – Editor FHM India – told PTI that the said photoshoot was done in Mumbai on November 22 and he has also got a video of the photo shoot. “I also have an email from Veena in which she says she has seen the photos and is happy with them, and that she’s looking forward to seeing the cover,” Kabeer Sharma added.

Veena Malik and FHM are getting huge mentions on cyber space today. As a result, the news feed of everyone on Twitter and Facebook is heavily occupied with #Veena Malik. This is just not it, due to heavy traffic spike the official website of FHM India has also been crashed.

On the other hand, majority of the people still believe the photoshoot is FAKE as the same magazine had been accussed of morphing the pictures of many Indian celebrities in past.

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