Concert Review & Pictures:Overload Band Live at Carlton Hotel


So, we were going to see Overload Band’s Live performance at Carlton Hotel, Karachi.

Earlier that day , I talked to Farhaad and asked about the timings of the show because I was not sure about it . He suggested that the show will start at 8 pm but on my argue that last concert of Ali Azmat at the same place was started very late . Farhad said, ” most probably the show will start at 9 pm”.

Its 9 pm of 8 november, 2009 and we are entering into the hotel and moving towards the place of concert. After the scanning procedure , a smart, good looking and tall guy came to the security officials and said ” I am the performer here and just left my bag on the stage, please let me go in”

He was none other than Farhad Humayun , the drumming machine behind Overload & I was seeing him for the very first time.

I caught him up, and introduced myself and then in a couple of minutes, while going towards the stage, we were discussing Pichal Pairee Album, UROCK & their concerts etc.

When just entered to the place of concert, I(not only I but we all) were shocked to see that only few guys were there. The bell rang in my mind “dude , the show is not going to start even in 2 hours” . My friends with whom I came to the venue were seeing me angrily that what the hell is this . They were not worried about the concert but “where are the girls a**holes ? Is this a gay concert?

I was feeling embarassed and that “Ghalti hue jo tumhain yahan laya” any how we took a corner and started enjoying the view and ships in the water. An hour had been passed and we were getting bored of gossiping then I thought to phone and ask Farhad when they are going to come and perform .

“We are in our roooms and we have been told that there are not enough people at the concert place” said Farhad.”As soon as the crowd comes we will come and perform” He added.

One can understand where the event was going to …

But again we waited … waited and then I asked my team member to call him again and force him to come as we dont want to ruin our night. We are here to watch OVERLOAD LIVE!!

After this call, in a few minutes the spot guys and technicians got up and we saw some lights blinking on the stage.

after 20 minutes the band had entered the place and some crazy fans like Waqas & Samran were asking me to take their picture with Farhad 🙂

Finally, the band was on stage and we were seated in a Live Concert (it was amazing) . There were many media persons, who were sitting there and watching Overload setting up their instruments including Waqar Zaka, VJ Shahzad & VJ URWA (the only lady present in the audience) & to analyze the performance of Overload , Naad-e-Ali too.

We took some exclusive pictures that I would like to share here now:

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