Overload Live at Carlton Hotel (Concert Videos)


So if you have read Overload Band Concert’s Intro & watched pictures. Watch below the videos in which overload is performing tracks from their brand new album Pichal Pairee.I will be doing commentary before the videos to let you know what’s so worth watching & listening in the video

1. Vichar Gaye:

Before starting the performance the band told the audience that they will give performance in two ways. One with Meesha Rehman – the model cum vocalist of the band – and the other with Nasir Saeen who was specially brought from Punjab and he is also famous for his sufi dhol beats.

After few minutes of warm-up, Meesha joined the party and started with the track “Vichar Gayee” . Check out this very first video from the concert.

2. Pichal Pairee

The title track from the latest album, the band managed to perform the track live, very nicely. The video of the track has already been released on major music channels but because not many listeners in Pakistan listen to music in english, this song remained un-noticed as well.

Just check out the riffs done by Mehmood Rehman in this video with the drumming beats of Farhad & remember its ALL LIVE.

3. Mela Kariye+Amjad Khan

Again a punjabi track from the album, which means  “Lets do party” in English. The song starts with a slow pace and the lyrics “Dam shukranay da pariye sajan naal mela kariye” .If you will listen the audio of Mela Kariye from the album it is the same as Cursed, only Meesha’s vocals are added with some effects and lyrics are changed. Now again the song moves forward in a western style & Meesha starts another track “Amjad Khan” from the album.

Those who don’t know, the band Overload does Fusion Music i.e a blended mix of western & eastern music. So after a full swing rock style track here comes a loop when Meesha & Mehmood are both waiting for someone or something and then a loud shouting voice comes into the ears

“Aaaaaoooo Naaa!!!”

& the guys who rocked the event thereafter appears on stage. Now here a fusion comes into being with the sufi beats of Nasir Saeen & Meesha’s “I am feeling” . At this point we also started to “feel” something & guess what?

the second phase of Overload’s band had been started.

Watch out the video & also the solos by Mehmood in it:

Exclusive & Amazing performance by Farhad & Nasir Saaen will be uploaded shortly. Keep visiting this page.

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