Nouman Javaid – The Upcoming Music Sensation of India & Pakistan


“People think that one can only do some thing if he is well connected, it maybe so but that is not what happens all the time… hard work, determination and luck is the key” – Nouman

By Danish Mughal

Pakistani Musicians have showed their talent all over the world there is no doubt about that. Recently, we have seen many Pakistani songs featured in Hollywood and bollywood. Also, Indian Music directors have given a break to the new musicians of Pakistan. The top in picking up the Pakistani talent is a great indian producer/director named Mahesh Bhatt.

Mahesh has introduced many Pakistani new comers into bollywood. Whether we talk about any Pakistani actor/actress or musician they make the first bang in bollywood Bhatt’s platform. Don’t you agree? Lets take the example of Jal The Band, Atif Aslam, the actress Meera & Rock Singer Mustafa Zahid. Now there is another music sensation from Pakistan who has sung two tracks for the upcoming Bhatt movie “Jashn” – Nouman javaid

nouman javaid 3

Yes, his name is Nouman Javaid , he is not popular in Pakistan, not even known for his work. I have been promoting the new musicians through my site for years now, even I have never heard about this artist before. Suddenly, out of nowhere, his songs feature in an indian movie. It  is a quite surprising but in a pleasant way. I was wondering who the guy was and how did he connect with Bhatt’s production and make his debut in Bollywood.

To find out more about it, I took first ever interview for my website of any artist (Usually I think no one reads the interviews & all) but this interview is really important. The reason being:  It helps understand how an underground artist can hit the mainstream. How one can reach to the top hierarchy in days. This complete unadulterated interview will be published here on soon. For now, lets just introduce you to the new music sensation of Pakistan.

Nouman Javaid’s introduction:

Nouman Javaid
Nouman Javaid

Nouman Javaid, aged 27, started singing 9 years back and is now the new discovery of Bhatt Productions. He has written, composed and sung two songs for Mahesh Bhatt’s latest film Jashnn (releasing on 17th July). Music and films are his passion and that he also wants to be an actor, he says.

For his success, he gives the full credit to Allah almighty & believes that people think that one can only do something if he is well connected, that may be but its not what happens all the time… hard work, determination and luck is the key. On his experience with Bhatt’s production he tells us that he found all of them very professional and free of egotistic attitude – that they know what they want, they take it and they give respect to you for your talent.

Nouman Javaid has also completed a pop album to be released for Pakistan. As per our information a record label is also working to sign him. So keep your fingers crossed because this new music sensation is going to hit the sub-continent music market very soon.

Let me introduce to you guys Nouman Javaid’s songs for the Jashn Movie.I am personally in love with both the tracks. Just add the tracks into your playlist and give it a few listens – you will be addicted to it.

Click the tracks below to download:


Dard-e-Tanhai (Kilogram Mix)

Main Chala

Main Chala Unplugged

Dear Readers, Keep visiting for the upcoming complete interview of Nouman Javaid in which he reveals about his entry in Bollywood & also about persons who helped him throughout his career. In addition, an Exclusive performance by Nouman for will be uploaded very soon. So keep on checking the latest updates & don’t forget to post your feedback about the tracks.

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