Samsung Pakistan promotes the idea of equality with “Dekho Meri Nazar Se”


The world was meant to be a safe place for people to be living in. However, the situation has been very different in the recent times. People are discriminated against and there is a considerable amount of inequality that remains part of our society. The need of the hour has been bridging the gap between various ethnicities, races and every social classes. Samsung, fortunately very recently took up on this concern and revolved their campaign around it. They are promoting the idea of oneness and much like it should have been, the campaign has become a buzz on varying media platforms.

It is a rather known fact that Samsung has always been a path breaker in terms of its products as well as the campaigns that they bring about. This time, they have redefined the idea of corporate citizenship by giving out the message that every single person in this country is equal. The idea of the campaign and advertisement is an incredibly beautiful one. It revolves around the insight that everyone is equal through the lens of Samsung and if a lens cannot differentiate between citizens, nobody else should either.

The advertisement captures basic human emotion, especially through the introduction of children and other varying age groups that not only provide a relatability factor but also touch the hearts of the entire country. Samsung introduced the advertisement in the month of Ramadan and has been one of the most watched advertisements throughout the month and rightly so. It happens to be the biggest movement that acts as a promise and pledge to the common man as well as celebrities in regards to having a society free of any discrepancy and equal opportunity.

Not only is the idea a relatable one with a very strong emotional appeal, it is also the need of the hour that Samsung has rightfully identified.  Pakistan has one of the highest rates of power and financial inequality and in order to address this issue, Samsung has highlighted as well as advocated equality. This movement that is called #DekhoMeriNazarSe has taken the country by storm and has people joining it with every passing second to eliminate all divides and barriers within the country.

More than just one idea on its own, Samsung has provided a platform for people to come together in this auspicious month of Ramadan and take a step forward into progression. Not only does it represent the idea through the advertisement but also encourages individuals to be more considerate and responsible in regards to our less fortunate and troubled brothers and sisters by looking at them as equals.

The video successfully brings forth the idea of equality and oneness owing to the spirit of Ramadan and has been running over all Media outlets, especially social media. Through the splendid video, Samsung has managed to convey their message of wanting people to eliminate the divide and remove all biases from their thought processes in order to have a good, strong and one community. Break free of the notions that make us think of ourselves as any superior and make our surroundings pleasant for ourselves as well as our generations to follow. Kudos to Samsung for promoting and addressing a much needed issue in the Pakistani society in such a beautiful way.

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