Maya Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi : Faces of the Maria B Lawn Campaign


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One of the most anticipated lawn launches of the year, Maria B Lawn Campaign 2016 depicts elegance, glamour and design techniques that make lawn interesting again. Maria B caters to the woman with a taste individuality. Maria B as a brand reached global heights due to the elegance, style and panache that the label represents. From pret to couture and bridal wear to lawn the label is widely renowned for its exquisite creations.

This year the infamous couple Maya Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi grace the billboards as the most revered couple of 2016 as Brand ambassadors for Maria B. Maria has always been known as a brand thats relevant, relatable and widely popular. Keeping true to her brand ethos this campaign itself represents the Maria B story behind the campaign utilising the most sought after faces of 2016.

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“Maya Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi are one of the most sought after couples of 2016. They represent a dedicated lifestyle, unprecedented chemistry and a relevant ethos that the lifestyle the brand caters to. Having both of them on our Lawn billboards caters to the audience we cater to as all time favorites.’

The chemistry impeccable, as Maya Ali flaunts gorgeous lawn pieces alongside her fictional better half Hamza Ali Abbasi, the shoot is undeniably one of the more interesting ones this season. Maya Ali is the official brand ambassador for Maria B as of 2016 epitomizing elegance and feminity as the uprising star has made her way to success with a number of roles owned and impecabbaly done. With indigenous designs Maria B has stepped up her lawn game by paying homage to Parisian rose gardens and French architecture. In the midst of feminine tones with spring floral in the hues of bright tones and soft pastels, the collection embodies sophistication, glamour and an ease-breeze summery feel to it. Revered for her desire to experiment with a different inspiration every year, Maria B ‘s lawn collection is packed with elegant silhouettes and a summery colour palette where you find something for every age.

maya-ali-and-hamza-ali-abbasi-faces-of-the-maria-b-lawn-campaign (5)

Celebrating Summer and Spring in all their glory the collection canvases around three different themes. Some designs, while leaning towards bold florals, explicitly speak of the traditions that this country withholds. The ancient Greek tile work ingeniously incorporated in print accompanied with striking jacquard dupattas add on to the magic. The collection is asserted in digital printed pure silks, jacquards, net embroidered dupattas , woven pieces and cutwork embroidered designs. The intricate edgy Moroccan cutwork is considered as the cut-throat highlight of the collection.

The brand specializes in real, accessible clothes that not only look good but feel fantastic. From modern to traditional, heavily worked or elegantly embellished, all the creations falling under the label’s umbrella are timelessly beautiful, season after season. Maria B aesthetic seeks to fuse a sense of restrained glamour with a flourish of chic; a design objective that forms the base of each of its collections. Never typical, a Maria B outfit can be worn by women across age and body type with equal panache.

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