Syra Shehroz on Ho Mann Jahaan and Upcoming Films

syra shehroz baby
Syra Shehroz with her baby Nooreh

Though the beauty with brains has been enjoying motherhood for a year, 2016 has a lot going for Syra Shehroz. After her debut into acting with Mera Naseeb, she went on to rule the hearts of a million with critically and commercially successful plays such as Mohabat Rooth Jaye Tou and Bilqees Kaur. With time, she has only proven herself to be a phenomenal performer and surely a gorgeous face which we all adore. In a recent conversation with Syra, I get an inside scoop on her plans for the whole year long, clarifying rumours and of course her much hyped and appreciated cameo appearance in Ho Mann Jahaan.

Starting off with her guest appearance and how it all ended up, the bubbly actress excitingly replays “Well I randomly got a call from Asim offering me this appearance and that he believed I would perfectly fit the part and since we hadn’t gotten a chance to work together, I thought of giving it a try. It’s Asim behind it, its definitely going to be amazing!”. Further commenting on her massively positive feedback, “I didn’t expect any of it to be very honest, there have been lovely Facebook statuses and I also got all of it on the premiere in Karachi. I’m truly grateful and thankful to Allah and all of my fans”.

Syra Shehroz in Ho Mann Jahaan
Syra Sheroz in Ho Mann Jahaan / Screenshot

As the interview proceeds, I eagerly ask her if she has any projects in the pipeline, to which she responds “I’ve shot two serials, one would probably air latter in January called Zartashaa and another would start from February but they’re still working on the title. I’m also looking into a film, it’s a family oriented love story and it’s all about Pakistan, so I’m talking to the makers regarding that”. As far as rumour has it, Syra is doing a film with her better half, Shehroz Sabzwari, called “Love You Babylicious” and Jawad Bashir’s untitled movie starring Mohsin Abbas Haider and Salman Shahid. But when asked for confirmation regarding this, “Well me and Shahroze were supposed to do a film together but the director wanted to work on the script, so we’re not shooting for that currently. Jawad again approached me for his film but I had other commitments at that time, so I couldn’t do it” she replied.


And as Syra has a lot to do this year, on the ending note I ask her about what New Years Resolution has she kept, to which she answers quite confidently; “I think New Years resolutions are overrated, I feel what needs to happen, happens only at the right time. One should have goals and be ambitious but when you keep one and it doesn’t happen, you feel disappointed. So just work towards your goals!”

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