Swaarangi Pakistani Movie (Official Theatrical Trailer)



Release Date August 28, 2015
Genre Drama/ Social/ Adventure/ Crime
Studio Flipping Images Productions, Phidahussain Productions

Salma’s husband, Jamal is not the easiest man to get along with, but for the sake
of their children, she stays with him. Jamal is a heroin addict, dependent on
Salma’s instincts to protect her wedding vowels so he can takeadvantage of her
honorability to get his daily fix. He is lost without her,desperate to change
however willing to sell his soul to the devil if need be. Although Salma is
powerless to change his sick ways but she has to stand against the odds and
struggle for everything she got.

Salma (Resham) is not happy with her husband Jamal (Naveed Akbar) due to his drug addiction. Zaryaab (Waseem Manzoor) tries to keep Jamal in this habbit because he sets some goals for himself. Zaryaab cannot acheive his goals without the help of Saieen (Ayub Khosa).

Starring Resham, Ayub Khosa, Naveed Akbar, Waseem Manzoor, Hamza Mushtaq, Shahzaib Johar.
Directed By Phida hussain
Written By Phida hussain
Screenplay By Phidahussain, Mazhar Abbas
Produced By Mazhar Abbas

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