Mathira Showing Solidarity With Gaza, Palestine Victims (Video Blog)


The infamous Pakistani model and actress Mathira Mohammed has said something which many of our politicians and even top celebrities are hesitating to talk about. In a recent video blog, Mathira talked about Palestine issue and showed solidarity with Gaza Victims.


Mathira who is mostly known for her notorious acts, photoshoots and item numbers, has shocked many with her new video. Covering full body of her with a dupatta, she talked about the on-going Gaza conflict which is resulting in many casualties of children and Women. She asked the Government of Pakistan and political parties to at least raise their voice against the oppression, if they can’t do much about it.

It is usually believed that Mathira is very bold and doesn’t care about whatever is happening around the world. But with this video log she has successfully managed to change the negative perception of people about her. Well done Mathira for speaking the truth and supporting a great cause!

So without further ado, watch now what Mathira had to say and SHARE if you support #FreePalestine :

Alternative Video:

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