Mekaal Hasan Lashes Out On Rohail Hyatt and Coke Studio


Coke Studio has come a long way and currently its Season 6 is undergoing. The show has had some very great moments but it now seems its not connecting well with the audience (not even with musicians as a matter of fact). As a result, people have started raising fingers on the music show and its producer, both of which at one point took Pakistani Music and Musicians to next level.

Since the Season 6 of Coke Studio was announced , with an exciting news of fusion with international musicians, people had some really high hopes but so far (even after 3 episodes) we haven’t yet witnessed any song that takes the whole nation by storm (just like Jalpari and Jugni did at some point).

Quite recently, Madeeha Syed of DAWN wrote a critical piece on Coke Studio titled “Where’s the music?“. The topic opened a debate which eventually turned ugly when Mekaal Hasan – Pakistan’s one of the best music producers – joined a Facebook discussion. On Facebook, Hassan lashed out on Rohail Hyatt and Coke Studio “publicly” with the following words:

“The producer of the show is a man who is a self acclaimed producer, having not produced a single noteworthy artist or record in over 20 years. It is a show for Rohail’s insecure ego, and that is why you are seeing and more importantly, hearing the same thing or nearly 7 years. Only in our country could a non musician, a man who hates real musicians and makes sure they are not even heard, and a hack ‘producer’ lord it over real talent. Mr Hyat’s God complex, skilfully camouflaged as a guy who simply ‘loves music’ is obvious”

You can read his full text in the below screenshot, posted on a public space:

Mekaal Hasan lashes out Rohail Hyatt and Coke Studio


That wasn’t just all ! as he further went ahead and shared the article on his Wall with following caption:

“Yeah Hyat? Where the f*** is the music?? Is it in your Nord synth? Or your autotuner, you talentless f***..”


This is indeed sad and we think professional differences aside, a musician should be respecting fellow musicians or else you risk your own reputation too!

Let us know in the comments how do you think Mekaal should have criticized ? Or is it fine if a celebrity is criticized online with F and swear words?

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