Coke Studio Season 1 Episode 1 (All Videos and Mp3 Downloads)



About Coke Studio Episode 1:

Coca-Cola believes that music can bridge barriers, celebrate diversity and bring out something greater than the sum of its parts.
Coke Studio brings to you FUSION music in a series of live studio recordings like never before. Fusion is an ambitious concept and the COKE STUDIO session include some of the MOST CHALLENGING music and vocal variations.

Coke Studio will take you on a JOURNEY to the heart of the recording studio (where few have gone before) to share the magic created by the combined efforts and talents of our diverse artists and musicians.

Coke is proud to have created the platform where renowned and upcoming musicians from various genres can collaborate to realize their dreams. We hope the passion behind the show inspires you to achieve what can be perceived as impossible. We hope you enjoy Coke Studio?s first of a kind live sessions as much as we enjoyed creating the experience.

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