Video: Aamir Liaquat Insulting Taher Shah in Amaan Ramadan Transmission


This is disgusting and must be condemned! Aamir Liaquat tried to make fun and insulted Taher Shah in his Amaan Ramadan Transmission.


By Zaain ul Abideen:

Ramadan Transmissions fever is the new trend in town. And yes! Aamir Liaquat – the trend setter of turning religious show into a commercial one- is on the top with his Ramadan transmission. Mobile phones, Car and many other gift hampers is what this Ramadan host has to offer to general public. But wait, not just that the special segments and list of guests which are called on the show are also a treat for its viewers. Although the essence of Ramadan and the respect of the holy month is being disgraced on such shows in my point of view but we Pakistanis are always attracted towards MASALA FEATURES you know.

And today our Charismatic and Over-Rated Ramadan show host has done it once again. Aamir Liaquat once again won the heart of millions by calling our very own latest sensation Taher Shah not just on the show, but treating this not so young man like a KID. And why I said like a kid? well for that you have to check this video which has already been made viral all over the social media.

Taher Shah, who was invited by Mr. Ghalib as an honorable guest didn’t turn out so well for the star as he was literally disgraced and also was a subject of fun for Liaquat Sahab. Although the EYE TO EYE artist has already been victimized by various social media activists but this has been for the very first time that he was called on a show live and was maltreated like an amateur kid.

I don’t care what Taher Shah has done all I have to say is a Ramadan show which represents Islam and the holy month of Ramadan should have a base of its own Instead of calling religious scholars or even social workers presence of such artists is irrelevant and maltreating. Doing it just for the sake of TRP is just like a cherry on the cake for them, but for us its a complete dissappointment.

Watch now first Taher Shah singing his Eye to eye song:

Watch below the full video from the start when Taher Shah makes entry to the sets of Amaan Ramadan Show and then Aamir Liaquat after introducing him, starts ridiculing him in front of millions of viewers:

Irony is! that the credit to bring Taher Shah on Geo TV show is on the head of Mr. Akber Yezdani who is the head of Pakistan’s biggest music record label Fire Records. #RIPMusic #SayNOToRamadanTransmissions

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