Going Viral: Taher Shah Pathetic Song & Music Video Eye to Eye


In case you don’t get any idea from the picture above, this s**t is getting viral in Pakistan from a past couple of days. Originally released two months ago, and now appearing on different music channels of Pakistan, the music video and the song is a pathetic attempt to present something to Pakistani audience.

Read EYE to EYE Song Lyrics Here

Now it is being spread on social network and people are making fun of this “Creative approach” shown by this new unknown artist. While some are comparing him with the likes of One Pound Fish Man, we believe his tune is not even catchy, actually a torture to ears.

So this is our challenge for you to watch this music video in full ! and you’ll know about its virality.

BEWARE: if you watched the full video, chances are you’ll fall in love with his EYES 😛

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Artist: Taher Shah
Song: Eye to Eye

About video song of “EYE TO EYE”
Tahir Shah try his tremendous best with thoughtful dedication to make a unique classic epic song and video. He wrote the lyric’s with the vision to love one’s especially express and convey the feelings of marvelous love to each other with “EYE TO EYE” because He sincerely believes in “EYES” true love and encourages it. He requests to the peoples and invite all promising generations to please join him and fall in love with

Watch music video below:

English Version:

Urdu version:

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