Comedian Nasheela is Dead, NOT Ainak Wala Jinn Shehzad Qaiser


A news story that is spreading like fire on online media, Ainak Wala Jinn passed away, has apparently turned suspicious after a Dawn News report suggest “Nasheela is dead” but doesn’t link it with Ainak wala jinn anywhere.

The original news story published first on ARY website also featured the picture of Nastoor Jinn aka Ainak Wala Jinn, which led us to believe he passed away. Little did they know, and we too, that he was NOT Nasheela and his name is actually Shehzad Qaiser. It could be a common reporting mistake, but the way ARY NEWS reporter connected it with Ainak Wala Jinn confirmed it even more.

Now after reading this Dawn News Report, it depicts that Nasheela was a Comedian and theatre actor who passed away last night and he had no connection with Ainak Wala Jinn or with its actors.

We feel sorry for posting an unaunthentic story here and consider ourselves equally responsible as the original publisher of it i.e ARYNEWS.TV

We further request all the readers to pass on this info. in order to remain save from any embarassment.


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