NESCAFÉ Basement takes over University of Central Punjab!


If there’s one University in Lahore that’s known for its highly excitable crowd, it’s the University of Central Punjab (UCP). Therefore it was no surprise that the NESCAFÉ Basement decided to drop by on a fun-filled Sunday at UCP for a special performance.

As it happened, the NESCAFE Basement performance was part of “Paindoo Day” celebrations at UCP, and every student was in a highly elevated mood. Add to the fact that Adrian & Fawad are both UCP grads, the crowd’s excitement and engagement reached a whole new level this time.

The show started with the infamous Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar led by Asfar, and the crowd instantly ignited. This was by far one of the most supercharged concerts of the series so far as the energy and the excitement among students was simply INFECTIOUS!

It reflected in the band’s performance as they rocked harder, sang louder, and moved faster with the crowd. Each song was performed impeccably, and the crowd sang along all of their songs. By the end of the night, it was hard to tell the artists from the crowd as everyone had become an intimate part of the performance.

“Basement ka scene AWWNN hai sir! Nuff said!” said a hyper-excited Waleed, who seemed to have taken the “Paindoo Day” spirit to the heart.

“Bands and artists visit the university every now & then, but it’s not always that we get to have so much fun. Bohot aala!” according to a vest and dhoti-clad Sarosh, who was depicting a farmer.

For more information regarding the NESCAFÉ Basement tour, the artists, and the upcoming NESCAFÉ Basement 2013, check out NESCAFÉ’s official Facebook page. The recruitment for NESCAFÉ Basement 2013 is still going on, so if you think you have what it takes to be up there, feel free to submit your performance on their Facebook page.

Check out some pictures from the event:

Nescafe-basement-UCP (1) Nescafe-basement-UCP (2) Nescafe-basement-UCP (3) Nescafe-basement-UCP (4) Nescafe-basement-UCP (5)

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