Annie Khalid’s Adult Tweet


Annie Khalid Adult TweetTwitter is so “inn” thing these days, people use it to express themselves, and to discuss trending topics, while Politicians, celebrities and stars use it to make “statements” and sometimes even “news headlines”. In past, we have reported several news stories that were based solely on a tweet. This time, we have a hilarious new tweet by Pakistani princess of Pop Annie Khalid , who seems to be quite depressed and pissed off on questions that is being asked from her these days.

As we all know, Annie Khalid had got married to Noureed Awan last year but unfortunately their marriage couldn’t last longer and both separated after hurling allegations on each other. Seems like her past is still not getting away with her as she somehow remembered her Ex- Husband today.

The question(if any) asked by some unknown, must have been very disturbing for her that she decided to even TWEET about it on a public platform.

Annie Khalid wrote on her twitter account: (NSFW)



Now as soon as it appeared on her follower’s timeline, many just busted into laugh while other showed sympathy to her. Whether its true or just another publicity stunt we are still unaware! but it seems very much a stunt like drama queen Veena Malik.

What do you folks think ? Should she tweet in such bold way ? or she should remain decent as some minor fans also follow her on twitter. YOUR COMMENT

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