Ban on YouTube in Pakistan to be lifted soon?


Youtube opened, Youtube closed. These words aren’t hard to remember in Pakistan. These actions are usually associated with Rehman malik, but this time Naveed Qamar, federal defense minister, has assured the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) that Government will open the access of YouTube in Pakistan before dissolution of assemblies, with-in a week and a half to be a little precise.

Youtube To Be Opened Before Departure Of Govt

Its merit mentioning here that a recent talk held between Government of Pakistan and the concerned authorities of Youtube to remove anti Islamic content from the video sharing site, but failed. However its strange that Google is not agreeing to block such videos on the demand of Pakistani government, while it has done so in several other countries.

Naveed Qamar answered the question raised by Shazia Marri, and said that a decision on whether to unblock YouTube would be taken within a couple of days. Shazia quoted letter written to her by a young musician (Zoe and Zohaib), who said the blocking of YouTube have put question mark on the future of music industry.

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