Atif Aslam is “Bigra Hua”, says Asha Bhosle, Atif responded with…


Atif Aslam is Bigda hua, called by Asha BhosleIn the event of Sur Kshetra’s grand finale, due to some reasons Atif Aslam refused to perform live. In response to this, Asha Bhosle called Atif Aslam “Bigra Hua”.

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Yes! It seems like the stage of “Sur Kshetra” was set up to fire up the rivalries between Pakistan and India. Though, the theme of the show is to cover up the misunderstandings but things didn’t seem to work out.

There was a reason behind Atif’s negative response to his performance request. When he came to know that the show was ticketed and the administration was trying to earn something from Atif’s performance, he refused to perform live and said that this is not the way things should be. This attitude of Atif made Asha Bhosle call him “Bigra Hua” which was pretty harsh on the old lady’s part. Well! Our popstar Atif responded to this statement with his witty sense of humor:

Haan, bigda toh hoon kyunki sabka laadla hoon.”

Atif’s answer to her statement was right because Atif is known as world star with huge and crazy fan following and no one has the right to scold him or show disrespect to him on such small matters.

In the end, Atif didn’t make things complicated  and performed according to the administration’s plan.

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