Waheed Murad ‘s 74th Birthday Anniversary Observed

Waheed Muraad
Image Courtesy: http://szaidi.deviantart.com/

If there is a late actor who made not only an incredible but also an irreplaceable impression in the Pakistani film industry, then it is none other than the marvelous and multi-talented, the legend Waheed Murad.

Waheed Murad was born on the 2nd of October 1938 in Karachi. The bright would-be star had an enthusiasm for arts and had a natural skill when it comes to acting. Waheed Murad started his career with SM Yousaf’s “Aulad” and nobody had any idea that it was going to be the beginning of something special. Indeed, a star was born who were later given the title of “Chocolate Hero”. Some of his most unforgettable performances were in the films “Mamta”, “Jaag Utha Insaan”, “Heera Aur Pathar”, “Jogi” etc.

The Pakistani film industry was just its initial stages then but it was definitely in safe hands because of the trust and capabilities of Waheed Murad; certainly was in a better phase then as compared to today’s declining phase. On the 23rd of November 1983, the legend took his very last breath and left millions of hearts shattered and broken. To this day, the bright star the film industry once had is remembered and celebrated.

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