Guitarist Asad Ahmed to Release His Own Solo Album


Asad Ahmed solo albumMusic lovers remember Asad Ahmed from the rock band Karavan, which no longer exists. He was previously also the member of the pop group Awaz. He has also worked with Vital Signs and Junoon. It has been almost 25 years for him in the Pakistani music industry as he started his career back in 1987. Back then he was with the band called The Barbarians.

He also collaborated with such singers as Ali Haider, Najam Sheraz, Haroon, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sajjad Ali, all of them successful and renowned for their work. Now, Asad is a house band member in Coke Studio sessions. Recently, he has also worked with Ali Zafar for his musical composition in London, Paris, New York.

One wonders, if he is that talented and demanded to have worked with leading bands and singers, why does not he start on his own. Well, the time to think that has finished, because Asad Ahmed has already embarked on making this move. He is reportedly releasing his own solo album.

It is being produced by Asad himself and will consist of songs and not just instrumental music. Other singers also said to have been involved with this new album. Only this much has been revealed that there will be ten songs on the album, seven sung by Asad and the rest by guest singers. The reason to put English songs is obviously to attract the European market. They have also been composed by Asad himself.

He explains saying:

“Guitar solos or shredding is something that I would have loved to do if I was 16 but not at this point in time. I don’t want to do the whole guitar hero thing again. I think, for me, it has always been more about the songs than guitar solos. I plan to explore the foreign market hence all the songs on the album are in English. Karavan was rock music tailor-made for Pakistani audience but now I want to go beyond that.”

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