Maya Khan Fired from Samaa TV for Sudden Raiding in Public Parks



    Maya Khan Fired from Samaa TV

    Maya Khan fired from Samaa TV morning showMaya Khan and her entire team of the Morning show are being fired by Samaa TV because of the outrage that her raid on public parks caused amongst the people. Reportedly an online campaign against her suddenly catching unmarried couples dating, most of them without any consent or awareness of their parents, had resulted in this termination of contract.

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    When asked about the news being true, she accepted to reporters confirming that it is indeed the case. She herself put blame on other “rival media groups” which have campaigned against what she believe was her right to do. Her rivals wanted to see her go and they just got that. She is disappointed about the fact that no one acknowledged the “good things” that she brought out through her show. She also refused to give unconditional apology that she was demanded.

    Even a letter is available online where her termination has been expressed by the Samaa TV management. If what she believes is right and it highlighted something that is not acceptable in our culture, that is to deceive parents by not telling about one’s exact whereabouts, then she did what was the right thing to do. Although, some argue that it is against the privacy laws, but she tried through her show to make a point that says DO NOT DO something that your parents will be hurt by.

    If someone likes someone else, then they should first and foremost seek the consent of their parents. They should not go on hiding out in parks to get negative attention. There is a lesson to be learnt from her show. As to whether her being fired was the right move, the answer is absolutely not. As a media personality, she did what she thought she could through a media platform, which at the least should be looked upon as doing her job.

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