Falak gives his popular songs and a soundtrack to Bollywood Movie


Falak Shabbir BollywoodPakistani Pop-Bhangra Singer Falak Shabbir has given two of his popular songs for an upcoming and delayed Bollywood movie. He will also compose another new song for the movie soundtrack.

Falak, who recently released music video of Soniye that was shot in London-UK and was aimed to target the desi audience of UK, announced this news in a recent interview. While talking to E-News Channel, Falak revealed that he has given two of his original and popular songs; Rog and Tera Saath ho; for the movie soundtrack. Whereas he will be composing another new track “Mera Mann” specially for the movie, which is titled as “#7 Welcome to London”.

It is interesting to note here that the same movie “#7 Welcome to London” has earlier signed a young Pakistani Rockstar Zakauddin Jibran (ZUJ). ZUJ, whose debut track “phook lay” had also been featured in a Pakistani Horror movie, announced his association with the movie last year.

However, the movie is still in production process and hasn’t been released or reached to at least promotional level up till now. As per IMDB, the movie produced by Iconic Productions is scheduled to release in 2011 and its estimated Budget is £250,000. We checked out the movie’s facebook page as well for recent updates and it didn’t look active and lively to us.

But now as Falak has announced this news with confident we believe that the movie will soon come out and we will listen to the total of 4 tracks given by Pakistani Artists in yet another Bollywood movie.

Here is the movie promo of “#7 Welcome to London” (uploaded on November 16, 2009) featuring the voice of ZUJ.


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