Atif Aslam and Shiraz Uppal talk about Bol’s music


Bol Movie Poster“Bol is not a musical movie. Music is the only lighter and happier side to the film”

– Atif Aslam and Shiraz Uppal talk about Bol’s music and those things that make it different.

Shoaib Mansoor’s “Bol” received mostly positive reviews and appreciation from Pakistani fans and critics. The movie was such a blast and took its share among all the shining Bollywood movies and great Hollywood slicks. After being a glorious hit in Pakistan, Bol was also released in India, USA, UK and UAE. The movie blew out all the cinemas even there and proved itself as a huge success. So far, the movie only received positive response and its music may be one of the possible factors of its success.

Atif Aslam talks about BOL MovieThe role of Atif Aslam in Bol was not that convincing but he balanced this part by giving tremendous hit songs like “Hona tha Pyar” and “Kaho Aj bol do”. Talking about Bol’s soundtrack, Atif Aslam said, “It’s neither too pop nor very arty; it strikes the correct balance between the two and brings out the real and the commercial Atif in one. I like the music because I’ve composed it myself, especially the song ‘Hona Tha Pyar’. I really want to thank Shiraz Uppal because he arranged all of the music. He’s very good to work with, since he listened to what I needed and always delivered.”

With this success of Bol’s music, Shiraz Uppal, the Jhuki Jhuki man proved that he is not only a good singer but also a remarkable song writer and music composer who featured various magnificent and melodious songs with Zeb and Hania and Noori.

Shiraz Uppal talks about BOL Movie MusicShiraz Uppal’s words about Atif Aslam’s work in the movie were: “It was nice working with him. I like the timber of his voice and he was pretty quick in delivering the best takes.”

While talking to Shahzeb Shaikh of Instep, Shiraz Uppal further quipped, “Mr Shoaib Mansoor explained the situation on which the song was to be picturized. Atif came up with the basic melody and I composed the rest. Then, I gave the music for ‘Hona Tha Pyar’, recorded, mixed and mastered it.”

The collaboration of Shiraz Uppal with our star Atif Aslam produced a great piece of music “Hona tha Pyar” which received the title of Song of the year. Atif Aslam also talked about “Din Pareshan hai” and praised the tremendous song by these words: “I really like Sajjad Ali’s ‘Din Pareshan Hai’ and I think his music comes off excellent on the big screen.”

When comparing Bol’s Music with “Khuda kay liye” Atif Aslam further said, “Bol is not a musical movie generally; music is the only lighter and happier side to the film. Khuda Kay Liye completely revolved around music.”

On the other hand, Shiraz Uppal appreciated and praised music of both the movies and considered that tunes of both albums make them stand out by saying, “All are situational songs so I can comment better after watching the movie. Both films have one key song each and I think the public knows which songs I am talking about. Having said that, I would add that people are crazier for Bol’s music. According to the record label, the first day sales of Bol’s music were way more than expected. I have already received a lot of appreciation from across the border regarding my song.”

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