Overload – Neray Aah (Official Music Video)


Overload Neray Aah Music Video

Neray Aaah is Overload’s second single of 2011. Its a work of art that showcases the band’s adventurous side after having done spells of serious studio & live music. Originally sung by Pakistani singer Saira Naseem for Syed Noor‘s hit film ‘Choorian’ , the song was meant to be released as a solo single by Farhad Humayun.

After the video of Overload’s ‘Batti’ (found on the band’s facebook page) Sheraz Siddiq, the band’s dynamic composer suggested Farhad should do the song with Overload since he was now the lead singer of the band.

Directed by Armughan Hassan who also directed the band’s first video Cursed, the video boasts the radical wardrobe & art direction of Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan of Crimson.

Based on characters and concept design by band leader Farhad Humayun the video features theatre & tv veteran Navid Shahzad, supermodels Sabina Pasha & Amina Haq, Pakistani designer Ammar Belal, Models Nomi Qamar, Abdullah Mohammad, Urouj Ahmed, Sadaf Kanwal, Alyzeh Gabol, Amna Babar and Gloria Jeans waiter Akash (dancer) and singers Haroon Shahid of Symt and Quratulain Balouch (QB) with Farhan Ali on Bass and Faisal baig as the Dj. The video is an assurance of the band’s serious crowd pull and acclaim in the Pakistani Entertainment industry.

Watch this punk-styled and adventurous music video of Overload – Neray Aah :


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