Mohammed Ali Shyhaki working on a new version of “Allah Allah Kar Bhayya”


Mohammed Ali Shyhaki and Raseek singing Allah Allah Kar Bhayya

Legendary Pakistani Singer and Rockstar of 80’s era, Mohammed Ali Shyhaki, is working on a revamped new version of his epic hit single ‘Allah Allah Kar Bhayya’, told Mr. Shyhaki to PakiUM dot com today.

The renown singer, who has been touring and successfully doing concerts all over USA these days, told us that recently he has recorded a new version of his own song “Allah Allah Kar Bhayya“. The song which has been the very first folk and Pop Fusion in the history of the subcontinent, will be revamped again and this time along with a young female singer Raseeka Shekar. (The previous original version had folk singer Allan Faqir in it, who is no more in this world now – R.I.P).

Raseeka who is a semi classical trained Indian singer will be singing along Ali to revamp the classical hit ‘Allah Allah Kar Bhaya“. The new musical and vocal arrangements are all done by Rizwan Ali Zaidi, of Igra Studios, whereas both the singers; Ali Shyhaki and Raseeka Shekar will be starring in the music video.

The music video is shot and directed by Mr. And Mrs.Yousuf Arain while it is produced by Mr. Azim Ahmed of Musik Waves. It is shot in the heart of NewYork City with Shyhaki wearing both western and traditional dresses.

Here are some of the screenshots and behind the scenes shots from the video:

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