Book Atif Aslam for your wedding ceremonies (Gossip+Picture)


Note # 1 : Now before over-reacting on this post, please read it till the end

Note # 2 : DONT READ it please, if you are not blessed with ‘humor’.

As we all know the celebrities’ life is never easy and specially of Pakistani musicians, who always cry over not-paying much and saying ‘as much I deserve’. So most of them takes sometime a route, that is not appreciated by all. But what other things can they do well ?  – ‘JUST GO TO HELL ! BEFORE YOU GET WELL !’

We have seen celebrities doing so much weird things just for the sake of making money, and we will continue to see that unless they are given the status of “special and exempted citizens” in Pakistan. (at least we aren’t gonna see this in our lives – “musicians are ordinary people” is the theory many and I believe though).

So enough introduction I guess, I come to the point now:

Today, we have just got a picture from our Paparazzi sources in which Atif Aslam – the superstar singer of sub-continent – can be seen dancing in a (kind of) wedding/marriage ceremony ( a female friend says it could be Mehndi as well). Well, that’s what you have to figure out in the Exclusive Picture below:

Atif Aslam dancing in a wedding/marriage ceremony“The guy wearing black jacket and standing behind Atif can also be Ali Zafar” another friend presented a theory. We have sent the picture to secret agencies to identify the person behind him. =P

Anyhow, our sources also insist that Atif Aslam is available for dancing in the weddings/marriage ceremonies of ANYONE (yes literally ANYONE) . One just need to contact his manager and he will be giving an exclusive dance performance in your events(Atif Aslam – not his manager! ).

Guess what? I have started saving money for  this leisure since my ‘soon to be better-half’ is a die heart fan of him. He’s a bit expensive, but I can forgo all the Mayun-Mehndi leisure for his performance, in at least my marriage. (yes I am going for a court marriage, as most of the marriages in my city are happening that way)

If you are also ready for a sacrifice and In case want to book him for your wedding :

DIAL NOW : +92 0900 78601 or;


Those who will contact and book Atif Aslam before ‘Shaadi Season’ will get a special discount and a FREE female dancer from Lahore theater.

Hurry up now – before all the ‘dates’ are confirmed.


Ending Note: the above post is only a result of psychologically bad condition of the blog-writer, and worst inspiration one could have from Perez Hilton – PakiUM doesn’t own or agree any of his opinions. Please send your “hate mails” directly to danish (at) – Cheers !

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