Jal Band and Quratulain Balouch(Q.B) spotted together in Coke Studio (Pictures LEAK)


So we revealed the story about inclusion of Quratulain Balouch in Coke Studio and within an hour of the post got published, got a phone call from the sexy lady with her words like ‘I am not confirmed yet, please don’t do it , kindly remove the news instantly. CS would sue me , my contract can get into danger‘ oops when there is a contract how can one say that he/she is not confirmed. LOL

Today we have caught you QB , not alone you dear, but with your fellow musicians. (QB gonna %^&* us in our a$$hole after this, but Chill! our love is unconditional for you babe :P)

Readers just check out these LEAK pictures from inside the Coke Studio, where QB was seen ‘close’ with JAL BAND Members. Does that mean a collaboration song ? Surprise Surprise 😀 (not today)

Goher Mumtaz(JAL) with Quratulain Balouch in Coke Studio

Quratulain Balouch & Goher Mumtaz of Jal Band in Coke Studio

Quratulain Balouch QB in Coke Studio

Farhan Saeed Butt (Jal) in Coke Studio

If you are wondering why she is so close to Goher and not to the cutest Farhan, well there is a reason behind it. QB is officially being managed by Goher’s brother Khurram Mumtaz (to rishta to mazboot hona hee hai na).

A message for Coke Studio Musicians: Get some reasonable, sensible and responsible media managers, if this content is leaked with your consensus , thumbs up for using this viral strategy , if not, go and kick that a$$hole.

A message for Coke Studio Team: Wake Up Sirs and Madams ! Please keep active your PR management and do concentrate on online promotions and digital media. My fellow blogger at Koolmuzone is already saying me that we have created so much hype for the event, month before the show would go on-air. Now there is NO SECRECY LEFT. 🙂 Even if there is .. we would reveal it very soon 😉

Coke Studio Zindabad !

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