Pakistani Pop Singer Zaain goes to Bollywood


    Pakistani Pop Singer Zaain goes to BollywoodPakistani Pop Singer Zaain-ul-abideen who has recently launched his debut album ZEAL, is buzzing all over the Pakistani Entertainment Channels. In an interview given to AAJ TV, he just revealed the Good news. Check it out in his own words:

    “I am also working for a Bollywood production that is by “Anil Kapoor’s Production” and soon after some time you will listen the song and its melody. It is under process right now. I composed it  and also sung the song(s) for it and I just hope it will also be liked by the masses”.

    We believe his content perfectly matches the Bollywood criteria and we can’t wait more to see our another rising star in the Bollywood wagon (we are seriously disappointed with our own Media and Music Channels which has stopped making and producing the stars”.

    In case you haven’t tried his latest song “Puch Mera Kya Naam” from the album Zeal.

    Download it from here

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